How Does Santa Claus Deliver All In One Night

One of most asked questions every year is to how does Santa Claus deliver all those presents in one night. We can always speculate that it could be the mail carriers in the world. or we could speculate that he’s just got plain magic and somethings are meant to be left alone.

But we took it into a mission ourselves to try answer this most mastery job in the world. Let’s look at the facts.

How Does Santa Claus Deliver All In One Night

Santa Claus Fact:

Santa has a massive sleigh: Could this sleigh be a magical relic or a machine built from technology that hasn’t hit the viral stage yet?

He has raindeers: Could these be a magical machine that we have been misleading to be reindeer’s, Or are there real reindeer’s that eat Something really magical?

Santas Sack: One of the mysterious wonders of Santa is his sack full of wonderful presents, one could ask is this new technology again not hitting its viral stage or is it’s like the marry popping bag where you could fit a mansion inside

How Does Santa Claus Deliver All In One Night

How Does Santa Claus Deliver All In One Night The Verdict:

3 main items that alway stick with Santa, in cards on posters adverts and when we think of him. if you try to give him a real world thought about how he delivers, you can always imagine, he uses the world parcel companies and mail delivery services, but yet again this would cost such a huge sum.  it would be impossible for one man to pay.

or if we look elsewhere for since on how he delivers all the presents to people around the world.

It definitely has to be by magic, The sleigh is engraved with special engravings and the will of the believers from people. This must give the power to the sleigh.

The raindeers use the sleigh magic alongside special food to give them that special flying power, and the knowledge on how to fly so fast.

Santa’s sack is that special and not only does it hold the world’s presents, but it must be accompanied with Santa for the delivery under the tree.

Santa the mysterious man who can bend time and fit into chimneys with such quick of a thought, if anything we could picture him as dumbledor from harry potter. With such style and magic, you blink and he’s gone.

As we do this research it’s almost impossible to answer either way has good and bad merits, But I believe that some things ar every much left unanswered and let the imagination run wild. while Christmas approaches with such merry joy.

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