Father Christmas

Father Christmas a man with time control. He is the Britain’s version of Santa clause. Father Christmas Is a big build man, who wears a red coat and red trousers with white fluffy ends, he’s got a white beard with a red hat. Father Christmas is the man who gets old his elf workers to build toys for children and he personally delivers them around the world.

Father Christmas is also known as Santa clause, saint nick. Is a child mystical figure who delivers presents to good children around the world on on the night of Christmas eve. We have all grown up with our own unique version of Santa claus.

Who is Father Christmas

Father Christmas

Father Christmas was Traditional part of a English midwinter festival, normally dressed up in green, a sign of returning spring. He was often known as Sir Christmas, Old Father Christmas’ or even Old Winter.

History shows father Christmas did not flay in renders or magically fly down the chimney/ But it says the old form of a man knocking on a door to door feasting from welcoming families.

One notable time of him being dressed in green is the very famous Charles Dickens The Ghost of Christmas Present. (1843 A Christmas Carol) He is described as a large man with a red beard and fur-lined green robe.

Father Christmas was first described of wearing a red outfit was on a Christmas card in the late Victorian era.

In modern times we visit father Christmas or  Santa clause in his grotto in our local town. It’s a nice sentimental thing for children as in some  if not all set up grottos we can take pictures, and he gives the children presents.

It is traditional now that we encourage our children to write a list of toys down on Christmas eve, and send them to Santa Claus, Father Christmas. in hopes they get what they have asked for in the list.

In the modern myth of Father Christmas. We describe our children that with all the help he has gained from the elves he compiles all the toys into his big red s ask at the back of his slay ready to deliver them to all the good children around the world.

We use the Santa clause because of history as the following explains. Saint Nicholas, or Sinterklaas in Dutch, was a very shy man and wanted to give money to poor people without them knowing regarding it. It is said that 1 day, he climbed the roof of the house and dropped a wallet of money down the chimney. It landed in the stocking, in which a lady had put to dry because of the fire! This may explain the fact that Father Christmas comes down your chimney and places gifts inside children’s stockings.