Christmas Wreaths Traditions

Christmas wreaths are a decoration we have associated with Christmas for hundreds of years. You will find a wreath on the front door of people’s homes, and sometimes find them in the windows.

But it does not stop there, Christmas wreaths can be placed anywhere in the home, to try giving a more traditional festive feeling, Such as a wall or on the fireplace.

Christmas Wreaths Traditions & Folklore

Christmas wreaths

Christmas wreaths are made up of outside elements such as fruit, leaves, twigs and flowers. A wreaths iconic look will show something similar to the picture above.

Some wreaths are made up of Christmas ornaments, Such as baubles, tinsel and ribbons. But every Christmas wreath can be different with many endless styles. Wreaths can also be turned into many other shapes and not just a circles this is the traditional form. We are seeing wreaths as stars and as well as hearts.

Most people attached battery fairy lights to them. And it is also known that some people wrap names up and place them around the wreath. Give them best wishes for the new year. The imagination just need to run wild when creating Christmas wreaths.

One good way of decorating a traditional Christmas wreath would be to add. Leaves, acorns, mistletoe. And having it fixed to your front door.

Christmas Wreaths History

The wreath as much history to it than what you may think. In southern Europe they made Etruscan wreaths jewellery from gold and other metals that was precious at the time.

In Ancient Rome they used a wreath like crown to represent their ranking status.

Advent wreath was introduced from Germany 16th century.