Christmas Tinsel

Christmas Tinsel is a strip of sparkling plastic. Tinsel is meant to mimic icicles. Some colors do this well, But modern themes and much color make it look far more different from the mimic we have tried to apply. Tinsel was originally a metallic garland, trips of metal instead of plastic.

Christmas Tinsel

Christmas Tinsel Decoration

Christmas tinsel can be placed anywhere in the home or workplace. can be hung. Or scattered over picture frames. It is a cheap effortless way to bring a festive look into your home or workplace.

The main area tinsel is found is on the Christmas tree. Not only does it make the tree look very festive, along other ornaments and lights, But it brings a much more bulkier look.

When buying tinsel they can be reasonably priced. But don’t go into a shop and buy one strip that will cost the earth. Your best shot would be to buy 2 or 3 strips of tinsel as cheap as possible. When you do come to buy Christmas tinsel always check on how study the PVC films are. If they seem lose when you run your hand over them then it’s not worth buying.

Christmas tinsel was invented in 1610 in Nuremberg It was originally made from strands of silver. But over time we have used other methods to bring a more sparkly look to tinsel. such as PVC film coated with a metallic finish and cut into thin strips