Christmas Stockings

Christmas Stockings have been around from about 1870, Children and adults used to, And still do. Hang Christmas stockings at the ends of their beds and some times above the fireplace. For father christmas to fill them up with small fillers.

Christmas Stockings

Christmas Stockings Origins and Traditional Use

Typical Christmas Stockings clipart image. Red, green and white. Visuals a world known colour for christmas Stockings.

Back in the late 1800s, It was traditional to place a stocking like bag on the fireplace or at the end of the bed. In hope that father Christmas would fill them with toys.

Back in those years there wasn’t much toys to over bulk the stockings, you would have most probably found  money, fruit and other such small wooden items for children to play with.

Unlike today and with a boom in toy making. We use big Santa sacks to fill with toys. On average a child would get 1 – 2 big sacks. Full of wrapped presents.

There’s a lot of theory around to why we tell our children if they have been good and bad, for Santa to decide to bring toys or not. Using the stocking was a good way to bribe children to behave. and the other thing is that the Christmas stocking does give the children static excitement when they see it full.

Child poverty was high back in the 1800, and you would have been lucky to get 2 -3 small items in your sack at best for Christmas, all though the Christmas stockings does not feel to fit into Christmas in modern days, it is a wide tradition that fits in most families today. As we all love the traditional ways of Christmas and the festivity it brings.