Christmas Outdoor Lights

With careful planning and dedication, you can end up with a beautiful Christmas wonderland. Below is a guide on how to get started with Christmas Outdoor Lights and your best options to take when planning.

Christmas Outdoor Lights

Christmas Outdoor Lights

Planning is key to a successful Christmas theme. When choosing to place Christmas lights, it is good to plan with a drawing of your house, and garden or a list. Examine everywhere wright down what you want and what type of theme are the lights going to be multi-colored or plain white.

If you do sketch your idea down make sure you get your bushes and small trees, gates and fences. This would give you a idea on where to start and what to buy.

Rule of thumb when measuring your house. Find the endpoint of your gutter, measure the full width, measure the corners and the side of the house. Depending on the style of your lights or how your house is placed, I would also say follow the roof line from the corner house.

Fixing lights

Before anything and you have a measure up. It’s time to think of how many lights you’re going to need, And how you’re going to fix them to the gutter, I would say get at least 2-3 packs of Gutter hook, you can get up to 25 hooks in a pack, but shop around. This will give you plenty if you break them or lose them.

Choosing Christmas Outdoor Lights

Icicle Lights seems to have taken the lead for its style and effects, But like i have stated in the indoor lights, it’s good to experiment with color and types of styles, and lights.

When choosing your lights, Try shopping around for them with rubber cable. This insures that they will still work in all types of weather, High winds and poor installation usually cause the most damage . So what’s worse than buying cheap and then they all blow because of water damage, all your hard work would have been lost.

All outdoor and indoor lights come with constable end so if you miss calculated or you wish to add more of them, you have the chance.

And remember Net lights come in LED so you will be saving a lot of money on your energy bill and also they are much safer.

Fence Panels and Shrubs

Net lights are a very much a must They give the perfect finish and they are easy to be installed. Net lights can be very expensive to buy due to the levels of work and cable used to create the netting. When deciding where to place your net lights, don’t worry about measuring too little as all modern light nettings now have connectors.

There are no requirements needed when putting up the net lights. This is because they are already pre-arranged, It’s simple to just throw over whatever you like.


Ask a friend or family member to help hold the ladders.

When fixing lights don’t stand on the roof, it’s easy to fix lights to the gutter on ladders.

If you need any more help on Christmas Outdoor Lights, or you just want to show off your uniqueness, Come Join the Christmas Forum. Were friendly and experienced Christmas enthusiast members will be pleased to help out and share ideas. – And possibly like your style.