Christmas Garlands

A garland is a festive decorative green cord. It is meant to mimic flowers or leaves but it all depends on which occasion we celebrate with them.

For Christmas we decorate them with winter items and most of the time baubles and other such festive decorations.

Traditional Christmas Garlands

Traditional Christmas Garlands Image credit Barry Meyer

The main use of a garland is at Christmas in where we place them around the walls or the fire place. Most people have them fixed to the walls and some have them hanging in the window,

Most people have a long string of them around the home, but this would also depend on how you experiment with them.

It is known that people put them on Christmas trees, with Christmas lights wrapped around them, but we all use the Christmas tinsel instead of garlands.

This all depends on how traditional you are.

Garlands are a very old tradition they were originally made of flowers and leaves, but we have mainly associated garlands for Christmas for the bulk festive look and feel it brings.

Over the years we have added our own touch to the garlands. You can now buy pre decorated or you can make your own. And allot of people still make there own garland at Christmas times.

You can easily buy garlands now with lights and very much anything festive. on them. The designs are endless.