Artificial or Real Christmas Tree

Artificial or Real Christmas Trees are one of the most iconic symbols for Christmas. As one would say if you don’t have a light up Christmas tree its not Christmas.  Artificial or Real Christmas comes in all different sizes.

The small tree you can buy is 1ft, And the tallest 362 feet according to the Guinness World Records. But on average, Homes across the UK have 5 up to 7ft Christmas trees.

This guide will help you choose a tree for this Christmas. No matter if it’s an Artificial or Real Christmas Tree. It will give you a rough idea, on what to have this Christmas.

Artificial or Real Christmas Tree

Artificial or Real Christmas Tree

Artificial Christmas Tree’s are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). There is no doubt that the artificial tree’s are so popular for being cheap and easy to assemble.

There are some things to take into consideration before buying your Christmas tree. For example. The tree  height and width, What will work best in the room you wish to have the Christmas tree. Obviously if you have a small room, you will be looking at at least 3 – 5 ft tree. But then if you have a large room,  then a 6 – 8 ft tree would be nice to fit.

Then you would need to consider the style that will suit your home decor, Is this a Pre Lit tree or  Fibre Optic tree. Do you want to add your own lights and decorations, or are you on the go all time and need to add some easiness to your festivity.

And then there is how you are going to preserve your Christmas tree for next year. If you go for artificial then it’s as simple as folding back away, put in a box carefully, and placing it in a safe storage. But you have to consider what will happen if you get a real tree.

Now you would need to consider placement and set up, it would be wise before choosing that perfect Christmas tree, to measure exactly where it is going to go, to make sure that the height and width that you are allowing for is correct.

Nothing could be worse than spending a long time choosing the tree and then getting it home and finding out it doesn’t fit! Yes it’s happened plenty of times.

When measuring your space, always allow for an extra 5cm each way, (left to right), The reason being if you decorate your tree, the decorations will take up extra space in your chosen area.  It is wise to know, That Slim tree’s are designed for people with less space, These tree’s work well in a hallway or dining room, or even flats so if your space is limited this is one to consider.

Fibre Optic Christmas Trees

Fibre Optic Christmas Tree work with a light in the base tube of the tree. With a multi-colored lens on a motor just above the light, When this colored lens starts moving the each color section then shines through a group of clear optics that are passed through the tree and scattered around the tips of the branch, Given the Christmas tree a more flickering multi-colored festive shine.

Pre Lit Christmas Trees

Pre Lit Christmas Tree have fairy or LED lights on a wire already styled on the tree, and can also have LED lights scattered around the tip of the Christmas branches. These can sometimes be multi or plain colors., that give it the best perfect overall look  and these trees can range from many ft.

Plain Artificial Christmas Tree

Plain Artificial Christmas Tree are made with the same (PVC) as the fiber optic and pre lit trees. But Plain Artificial Christmas Tree are just that plain, You would actually need to decorate them with lights and if you wish tinsel and baubles.

It is worth knowing that artificial trees, are the best Christmas trees for preserving and they can be used for many years if stored correctly.

Real Christmas Tree

When choosing a real Christmas tree it is worth shopping around for locally grown trees. This is because the UK grows more than 6 million Christmas trees each year, and we buy more real trees than we actually grow, so more than a million trees are imported from other Christmas tree-growing countries such as Denmark.

It is worth looking around and take your time choosing your real Christmas tree, A fresh tree will last much better over the Christmas months than a tree that has been cut and stored for a long period of time.

Looking after your Christmas tree is your top priority, It’s not as simple as putting it into a bucket of sand or soil. Special care needs to be taken. If looked after properly, A Christmas tree could last up to 7 weeks.

It is worth looking for a water-holding tree stand something that will hold a lot of water, And use fresh water only.  Don’t add anything to the water (this will kill the tree early) It is wise to to cut half an inch from the base of the trunk to allow the tree to take up water. Also do not place near any type of heat sources such as radiators, fires.

If you need any more help, Come Join the Christmas Forum. Were friendly and experienced Christmas enthusiast members will be pleased to help out and share ideas.