Christmas Decorations

Christmas attracts many different styles and home-made decorations to bring festivity for the home and family. Here is a summary of the various types of Christmas Decorations available to buy from most UK and U.S.shops. There are many different type of traditional decorations, most of them have a good history and folklore, simple guides for you to read to get you read for the christmas period.

Christmas Decorations

Christmas Baubles

Christmas BaublesChristmas Baubles are a festive decorative item. We mainly place them on, tree’s, garland and wraith.

Christmas Tinsel

Christmas TinselThe Christmas Tinsel is a colourful sparkling garland. Mainly used for decorating Christmas Trees.

Christmas Lights

Christmas LightsChristmas Lights come in many forms. From a traditional candle like figure to a ball and LED.

Christmas Trees

Christmas TreesChristmas Trees have been a very much older tradition in the UK. read the history and why we use them.

Christmas Garlands

Christmas GarlandsExplore what Christmas Garlands are and how we use them Read the history and traditions.

Christmas wreaths

Christmas wreathsWhat are the Christmas wreaths? Why do we use them?. explore the the history and tradition.

Christmas Mistletoe

Christmas MistletoeRead the Christmas Mistletoe history and folklore, What was the Mistletoe used for and why do we use them now?.

Christmas Stockings

Christmas StockingsChristmas Stockings are a sock like boot or similar item strung up. placed on the fireplace or bed on Christmas Eve.