Christmas Dinner

Anderson Family Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner Is your main yearly Meal. It is full of meats vegetables and condiments. All of the UK will eat at midday or afternoon with close family and friends.

The Traditional Dinner included roast turkey Or duck, But some people choose other meat for the main meat. Sprouts, Carrots, Roast Potatoes, Cranberry source, bacon wrapped around small sausages. These are traditionally called pigs in a blanket. Yorkshire puddings and Fruity stuffing and also not for getting lush rich gravy.

Christmas Desserts

Christmas pudding

Christmas Pudding (Image: BBC Food)

Traditionally you would have the famous Christmas fruity pudding with cream or custard. For those who prefer either taste. But we mainly get set a small plate with a few picks of creaming biscuits, chocolate bars and mince pies.