Traditions Of Boxing Day

Leftover foods, relaxing, and playing with your new presents. Boxing day is the day we eat the leftover meets from our Christmas dinner, watch repeat tv programs, and allow the kids to play with their new Christmas toys all day.


Boxing Day Origins 

Boxing Day - Christmas Gift Box

There are many hot topics to where boxing day originated, Most people believe It might have been the Romans who brought this tradition, they used small collection boxes to collect money for the betting games which they played during their winter celebrations.

Some say it was the day traditionally to open the Christmas box to give Christmas gifts to the poor. It was a medium clay or wooden container where normal rich people could place gifts ready for boxing day.

It is believed that the Christian churches, placed money boxes on Christmas day, so everyone who attended could donate, This then would be given to the need on boxing day.

One belief is Boxing day was the day for all servants to have the day off and spend time with family, This was of-course  if they received a Christmas box from their master. A long lost tradition, happened During the late 18th century, It was believed that Lords and Ladies of manors would “box up” their leftover Christmas feasts, the day after Christmas to the servants these people who lived and worked on their lands.

Another traditional story saying, sailing ships would carry sealed boxes of gold for good luck. If the sea voyage was a success, then the box was giving to the priest so he could give it to the poor.

Ireland Boxing Day Tradition

Ireland see boxing day as “St Stephen’s Day” also it is famous for its “Wren Boys”. This tradition consists of “hunting” a fake wren, upon catching it. It is then placed on top of a decorated pole. The crowds of mummers or straw boys dress up in masks, straw suits and colourful motley clothing to celebrate the wren, This is then all accompanied by traditional céilí music bands, parade through the towns and villages.

It all began with St Stephen he was reportedly killed stoned to death for believing in Jesus. The above fake wren hunting began with this old obsolete tradition, It was said the Wren Boys would go out and stone Wrens to death then with blackened faces, carry their catch around the town knocking at doors and asking for riches.