Advent is a story of the birth of Jesus. This story has been handed down the centuries as myth, folklore, and legend from the church. The Bethlehem Jesus Birth place has been the only focus ever since Jesus was born.

What is Advent and what does it mean?


Advent etymology word can be traced back to the Latin for the coming of Christ. The Christians believe it marks the beginning of the Christian year. Advent is a  time of worship/prayer where the entire family participates.

The Christians Clergy wears a royal blue or purple vestments during the christian advent. Include an advent wreath sometimes called a crown in their Advent church services.

Many churches hold specials carols for the christian celebration, many decorate and hold special items for this service. All Christians use the calendar at home to embark on the waiting of their Lord Jesus. Most non religious modern societies use a advent calendar for children but we mainly use it to countdown to Christmas for gift giving and not to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Most of the World still does a lot of the traditional Christian celebration if we are not a religion state. We celebrate with gift giving for adults and children and decorate with modern festivity. We play carols to give the authentic Christmas feel.

History of Advent?

It is said in the 5th century, The Christian Advent began on November the 11th. This was the remark the 6 weeks fast leading to the birth of Jesus. A century later the 6th century this was reduced because of the time it took and then it eventually got dropped.