Christmas Customs and Traditions

Welcome to Christmas Customs and Traditions Easy to read informational guide and interesting facts about Christmas customs and traditions in the United Kingdom. Why not use the tour button on each page to take you to each Christmas custom and tradition, learn about How the English over the centuries have used Tradition at Christmas and why we do it.

Christmas Eve

Christmas EveRead about the English traditions to Christmas Eve how plan and what we do for the norm.

Christmas Day

christmasdayWhat happens during Christmas Day what we traditonaly do as a family on the big festive day.

Christmas Dinner

christmasdinnerWhy do we eat a Christmas Dinner on christmas day, learn what traditional foods we use for the meal.

Christmas Advent

christmasadventChristmas Advent is a story of the birth of Jesus. This story has been handed down the centuries as myth.

Advent Wreath

christmaswreathChristmas Advent Wreath is a very old tradition of the Christian religion, Read our Guide to why they use these crowns.

Christmas Nativity

christmasnativityThe Christmas Nativity is a colorful play of the birth of Jesus, that is performed in many schools and communities.

Christmas Carols

christmascarolsChristmas Carols are sung every year by children and adults alike. Read our guide to why it is a tradition.

Christmas Cards

PrintRead why we send Christmas cards and the history of the very first christmas card.

Christmas Yule Log

yulelogRead about the traditions behind Yule Log what myths and folklore have to say about yule log.