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From the best old time christmas song to the traditional carol. Find all of them here ready to be listen to.

Christmas Robin Singing

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I am sure we have all been in our gardens at some point just to hear our local robin. here is a Beautiful video showcasing a users local robin producing its Bird Song.

3 Hours of Christmas Classic Joy

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It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas (yes for real). I honestly mean it. So since the team here at ST Christmas Traditions get into the the full swing of Christmas. Here is a full 3 hour of classic

Carol of the Bells

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So the carol for the week is my personal favourite and that is Carol of the Bells. This traditional popular Christmas carol was composed by Mykola Leontovych, The carol is dated back to 1904 and is based on a folk chant known in

Best Mix Christmas Songs 2014

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Shall we start? Christmas song mix, Oh No It has got some Justin Bieber songs in it. You have been warned 😉 Thanks to Steve Bailey – Youtube.