Category: Christmas Crafts

Do you have what it takes to do some Christmas Crafts? Here are some very interesting posts to give you some festive ideas, get the kids involved or do it yourself.

Chaplins Superstore Christmas wrap 2016

Well, another year has past and another Christmas approaches, I hope you all have had a fantastic year so far. I would like to start sharing for our first post-Chaplins Superstore Christmas wrapping paper. 25% off the price is something

How to Make a Christmas World

Christmas Box Gold

I have to admit this is super cool, but maybe not with the white lights, I would go for a blue or mixed colours. This is ideal to make if you have kids. and it would add extra festivity into

Awsome Tri-Fold Christmas Card

Christmas Box Gold

Well isn’t this a very nice Christmas personal touch. The video below shows you how to make a Awsome Tri-Fold Christmas Card. I have to admit, it will be some work to be put in but if you are into craft