Christmas Traditions and Customs Guides

Christmas Eve 24th – Christmas Day 25th December

Christmas Traditions Is your Ultimate Guide to all things festive. Also known Yule, Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays of the year. We celebrate Christmas on the 25 of December.

Christmas History

Christmas HistoryRead the wonderful history about Christmas and learn why it’s a big worldwide event.

Buying for Christmas

Buying for ChristmasBuying for Christmas is a guide with tips and tricks when coming to buy christmas items for this year.

Who is Father Christmas

Who is Father ChristmasA guide to Who is Father Christmas and the history behind the magical man.

Supermarket Christmas

Supermarket ChristmasFind major Supermarket christmas stores selling christmas decorations and food.

Find the ultimate-complete guide to christmas. from decorations to your christmas tree, Find the history and ideas for christmas lights anything to everything around this festive holiday.

Christmas Ideas

Festive Decorations

Best festive tips and tricks on how to make your merry home look magical.

Festive Beverage and Food

Jolly drinks of cheeky alcoholic and non-alcoholic kind, and grub fit for the king.

Christmas TV, Movies & Ads

From the very best Festive adverts to the top movie trailer of the year.

Christmas Events

Great uplifting festive places to go at that special magical time of year, Browse our Christmas market directory.

Christmas Crafts

Crafts hacks and tips, get creative this jolly time of the year.

Merry Games

Mobile games, Funny party games, Desktop games, traditional board games. All with a magical twist.

Merry Costumes and Props

Bring festive cheer, to whom and all. With these diy posts and bring glad tidings to all.

Supermarket & Warehouse Christmas Highlights

Want to know what is on offers at your local stores? Look no further we have them all listed for you to browse at the comfort of you chair.

Jolly Menus

Planning on eating out this magical period? We have that magically covered, View the latest restaurants offers for Christmas.

Merry Songs

Bring festive music home, Listen to these traditional tunes that have gone through the years.

This festive season is both a religious holiday and a worldwide cultural and commercial Tradition. As a society today we celebrate Christmas mainly for other reasons such as spending time with family and enjoying a time of happiness and gift giving.

Christmas Decorations

Christmas DecorationsExplore options to Christmas Decorations read the history and traditions and best ideas.

Traditional Christmas Food

Traditional Christmas FoodOur guide to the Traditional Christmas Food story behind them and recipe.

Customs and Traditions

Customs and TraditionsExplore Christmas Customs and Traditions a guide to what we do leading up to christmas and on the big day.

Father Christmas

Father ChristmasFather Christmas is at Seasonal Traditions Christmas, Send a letter to santa and he will reply back to you..

Todays society still use a lot of tradition at Christmas, in the Christian religion it was originally to celebrate the birth of Jesus christ, But as we grow more wiser, and move away from religion we see christmas as a more family oriented holiday.

For years there has been many festive traditional activities making mince pies, creating christmas cakes, decorating the christmas tree and gift giving. There are some amazing stories to be told about each thing we do for christmas.

Local Christmas Events And Markets

Local Christmas Events And MarketsFind the best list of Christmas Events And festive Markets in your local town. filter between Free or paid their are loads listed markets and christmas light switch ons from local councils and event organisers across the United Kingdom.